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American Airlines Vouchers: Refund Status & Exchange for Cash

This article will explore American Airlines vouchers.

What kinds of vouchers does American Airlines provide? How can you convert a voucher to cash?

Airlines often provide vouchers as a solution for flight disruptions. However, it’s important to understand that these vouchers are different from compensation. This article will explain the typical situations that lead to American Airlines issuing vouchers and what you’re entitled to in those cases. It’s worth noting that accepting a voucher is usually optional.

Vouchers are not a replacement for flight compensation.

These EU laws apply to American Airlines flights departing from Europe.

1. American Airlines Vouchers

Vouchers are essentially tokens provided with a predetermined value and can be utilised as a means of payment. American Airlines, like other airlines, occasionally provides vouchers to its customers.

There are primarily two types of American Airlines vouchers: American Airlines gift cards and flight compensation vouchers.

  • American Airlines “Gift Cards” – These travel gift cards. This can be bought via the American Airlines website. You can then give or transfer to your friends and family as a gift.
  • American Airlines compensation vouchers – These American Airlines vouchers operate similarly to gift cards. The critical difference is these vouchers are provided by American Airlines in the occurrence of flight disruptions (e.g., flight delayflight cancellationoverbooking).

Getting a gift card is pretty straightforward – it’s either bought by you or given to you as a gift.

But what about flight compensation vouchers or vouchers awarded as restitution for a cancelled flight? Keep reading to find out more.

2. American Airlines Voucher as Refund/Compensation

What happened that caused you to get American Airlines vouchers?

2.1 Your Flight Was Cancelled

If your flight gets cancelled, you are entitled to a choice.

If American Airlines cancels your flight, they have to provide you with two options: a refund for cancellation or a replacement flight to your ultimate destination. The alternate flight can be with American Airlines or another airline and offered at no cost. In some situations, you may also be eligible for flight cancellation compensation.

Remember that an American Airlines refund and compensation should be deposited into your bank account. The airline might suggest a voucher, but you don’t need to accept it.

As American Airlines is a non-European airline, these EU regulations apply only to American Airlines flights departing from the EU and the UK.

2.2 You Cancelled a Flight

As a passenger, if you decide to cancel your flight, there are specific rules in place.

According to American Airlines policy, the possibility of a refund is primarily determined by the fare conditions of your purchased ticket.

If you have a refundable ticket, you are eligible for a refund. However, if your ticket is non-refundable, you may not be eligible for a full refund. Instead, American Airlines might offer a voucher for future travel.

It is highly advisable to thoroughly review the specific terms and conditions of your ticket to understand what you are entitled to in the event of a cancellation.

2.3 Your Flight Was Delayed

Two potential scenarios could unfold.

Either the delay was instigated by American Airlines, or the delay was out of the airline’s control.

If American Airlines is responsible for the delay of your flight, you may have the right to flight delay compensation. To ensure you receive what you’re entitled to, it’s important to confirm your eligibility and assert your rights. European Union regulations govern the process and entitlement to flight delay compensation. Typically, compensation ranges from 250 to 600 euros, although in some cases, you may receive only half of that amount.

However, American Airlines might provide American Airlines vouchers as an alternative to the required compensation. It’s important to note that accepting a voucher is completely up to you. Additionally, if you choose to accept a voucher, make sure its value aligns with the legal requirements.

If the delay was not the fault of American Airlines, then a voucher may not be redeemable for cash, assuming one was even issued. Since they are not at fault for the delay, they are not legally obligated to provide any form of compensation.

2.4 You Were Denied Boarding

In the event of flight overbooking, you, alongside other passengers, may be involuntarily denied boarding. As a passenger, you have the right to either a re-routing flight or a refund to your bank account. In addition, you may be eligible for denied boarding compensation.

If you are entitled to compensation, you have the choice to decline a non-refundable voucher. Instead, you can simply request a transfer of funds to your bank account.

As American Airlines is a non-European airline, these EU regulations apply only to American Airlines flights departing from the EU and the UK.

2.5 Other Situations

To make sure you’re treated properly, always be careful about the type of voucher you get.

To be sure of this, it’s a good idea to do your research. You can find useful information on our website about different cases in which you might be able to get your money back or compensation.

Remember that if your American Airlines trip leaves from a European airport, and they cancel the flight last-minute, the company is legally required to give you a full refund instead of a coupon, if you choose so.

Here’s a summary of what you can get in every situation:

SituationEU flight compensationRefund
Flight delayed for 3+ hoursIf it’s due to the fault of American Airlines, you are entitled to flight delay compensationNo
Flight delayed less than 3 hoursNoNo
Flight cancellation less than 2 weeks before the flightIf it’s due to the fault of American Airlines, you are entitled to flight cancellation compensationThe choice between a refund and a new flight
Flight cancellation more than 2 weeks before the flightNoThe choice between a refund and new flight
You have cancelled a flightNoDepending on the ticket
Boarding denial (due to overbooking)You can get denied boarding compensationThe choice between a refund and a new flight
You have given up your seat (voluntary denied boarding)NoAs per agreement with American Airlines

Depending on the specific situation, the compensation you may get could be a refund, compensation, or both. Remember, any payments you’re eligible for must be given in cash or transferred directly to your bank account, as per the specific circumstances.

As American Airlines is a non-European airline, these EU regulations apply only to American Airlines flights departing from the EU and the UK.

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3. How to Exchange American Airlines Vouchers for Cash?

When it comes to converting American Airlines vouchers into cash, there are two main possibilities.

First, if you have a refundable voucher, you can opt to change it into cash. By contacting American Airlines, you can inquire about the procedure and requirements for converting your voucher into funds.

Second, there might be cases where you are given a voucher instead of a refund or compensation, despite the fact that the law states you should receive monetary compensation. In such a case, it’s important to engage with the airline to straighten things out. By initiating a conversation, you can express your concerns and request the correct cash compensation instead of a voucher. Standing up for your rights and ensuring you receive what you’re legally entitled to is critical.

4. How to Request a Refund From American Airlines?

If you want a refund for your ticket, you can do this by going to the “Manage Booking” section. The refund will be processed using the same payment method that you used to book your ticket.

Whether you’re eligible for a full refund, a partial refund or no refund at all will be determined by the type of ticket you have and the specific circumstances surrounding your request.

4.1 Insisting on an American Airlines Refund (or Compensation), Not American Airlines Voucher

In many cases, you should be given a choice.

The law states that you have the right to reject American Airlines gift cards or vouchers as a form of compensation or refund. According to EU regulations, both a refund and UK/EU flight compensation must be paid into your bank account unless you, the passenger, agree to an alternative. Therefore, American Airlines must present this choice instead of vouchers.

Remember that these EU regulations only cover American Airlines flights from Europe.

For a comprehensive overview of all possible scenarios, please refer to the table provided earlier.

What if you have already accepted a voucher?

If you’ve been given a voucher instead of a cash refund by American Airlines, but you think you should have received cash compensation, you might be able to ask for a switch. Whether you can get a full cash refund will depend on the details of your situation. If American Airlines didn’t give a satisfactory explanation or didn’t give you the option between a voucher and a cash compensation/refund at first, it’s definitely worth trying to get the money.

By Europe and EU here on this page (and on this website in general) we mean all EU Member States, the United Kingdom (UK), Guadeloupe, French Guiana, Martinique, Reunion, Mayotte, Saint Martin (French Antilles), the Azores, Madeira, the Canary Islands, Iceland, Norway, and Switzerland.

What is your experience with American Airlines vouchers? Have you ever been given one? Was it a refundable American Airlines voucher or you could use it only for American Airlines flights?